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Monday, June 27, 2011

Faves of 2011...So Far (2) The Characters

As you may have noticed on Friday, the wonderful Nomes over at inkcrush has created this very cool book awards/survey thingy covering a bunch of different categories in which we post our picks during the last week of June. The books must be ones we have read this year.

On Friday we all posted our picks for THE BOOKS with twenty categories. See my post here and click here for Nomes' post and the linky-thing to view everyone else's.

Today, all the categories are about THE CHARACTERS and also a BONUS question about COVERS!
(all links lead to my reviews)

Also, as you have probably noticed, I am hopeless at picking just one book/person/etc for each category so you will have to put up with my multiple mentions :)

best female POV
Harper from Saving June, Piper from Five Flavors of Dumb and Kate from Die For Me.

best male POV
Without a doubt Adam from Where She Went but a special mention must go to Joel from 90 Packets of instant Noodles

best couple
*sigh* so many! Anna and Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss, Adam and Mia from Where She Went, Owen and Annabelle from Just Listen, June and Wes from The Big Crunch, Harper and Jake from Saving June. I really can't pick just one!

who i so want to be best friends with
I totally want to hang out with Anna and her friends from Anna and the French Kiss. And I would love to be BFF's with Harper and Laney from Saving June although it might not be a very long-lasting friendship since I am totally in love with Jake ;)

who i fell completely in love with (new literary crush)
Oh god! Owen from Just Listen, Jake from Saving June, Adam from Where She Went, Dave from A Little Wanting Song and Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss. There was never going to be just one answer for this question, that's just mean! And did you notice that almost all of them are musically minded?!

worst (best) villain
Definitely Brand from Burn Bright but I'll give runners up to Oliver, Amelie and Myrnin from Morganville Vampires because you can never really be sure if they are good or bad!

best character twist (who you loved then hated or vice versa)
I had no idea which way the characters of Hex would go. Was Ryder good and Lucian bad or the other way around? Or a combination of both? I kept changing my mind right up to the very end.

best kick-arse female
Oh this totally goes to Riley from The Demon Trapper's Daughter but I will give special mentions to Eve from the Morganville Vampires series and Lucy from Vampires Drool, Zombies Rule!

best kick-arse male
Hmmm this one took me a little while to come up with but in the end I went for Four from Divergent and Shane from Morganville Vampires. I have a feeling there is someone else who really fits this category to a tee but I am totally drawing a blank...

broke your heart the most
All the characters from Crash Into Me, Destiny from The Miles Between and Aaron from The Dead I Know. All their stories are so tragic!

best/worst character names
I'm honestly drawing a blank on worst names and even the best names are hard for me to pick. Names are not really things I take note of and remember. I really like Harper Scott from Saving June. It just sounds so cool and I love that she was named after Harper Lee. And Owen from Just Listen. I don't know if it's because I love Owen in the book or if it's because I once had a massively huge crush on a guy called Owen. Which ever it is, I love the name Owen haha.

BONUS: 5 fave covers (from books i have read)

Black Painted Fingernails, Die For Me, Where She Went, Five Flavors of Dumb and The Demon Trapper's Daughter.

Check back on Thursday for the final categories, THE SCENES and THE RANDOM


  1. The cover for Die For Me is beautiful.

  2. Oooh, I LOVE Piper! Not too many have mentioned her, go you. :)

  3. I see The Big Crunch mentioned again. I really need to read especially since it is mentioned in best couple and I am a romantic fool.

    And I loved Piper's from Five Flavors of Dumb POV and also the cover.

    Awesome list :)

  4. haha ~ you cheated all over the place (like me) and with so many of my favourite books :)

    ditto nic ~ i WANT the big crunch (must ignore my tbr and go and investigate where to get it from ...)

    can't wait to meet Piper!

    and we share all our crush-worthy boys <3

    i LOVE all the ones you listed. (and now i am in the mood to spend some more time with owen ~ i might tonight as i am in between books and unsure what to read next...)

  5. Oh wow i hope I haven't talked The Big Crunch up too much to a point where you read it and think 'uhhh what was she thinking?!' lol

    Nomes, i totally want to re-read Just Listen again but my TBR is really, really scary at the moment :(

  6. I love the covers you pick, they are very dynamic. I love the one for Five Flavors of dumb, I think it's so rock and roll.

    And Oh, Destiny from Miles Between, she was very heartbreaking, I agree, but I loved where her story went.

    And Owen, Owen is top on my literary crushes too, one of my favorite Dessen guys for sure.

  7. Love your picks, and what awesome covers!! I just got Five Flavors of Dumb from the library yesterday. Not sure if you had it on one of your lists or if it was someone else, but I can't wait to read it!

  8. Awesome picks! I loved how much you mentioned "Just Listen!" That's one of my favorite books! "Die For Me" has such a fantastic cover! I love it :) I'm following your blog now too!

  9. Jess! What is it about musicians that gets our hearts pumping every time?!

    When did you read If I Stay? Was it this year? If not, you didn't fall for Adam back then? *gasps*

    He's the type of guy that just had me at hello. LOL

    I can't believe I haven't read Anna and the French Kiss, yet. I could kick myself.

  10. I love Riley she's my KICKass chick too!

  11. ohh i have even more books to add to my TBR list.
    i really need to read if i stay so i can get to know this adam that i've heard so much about. And i've just started reading saving june so i'm looking forward to Jake, so far i know he cuts his own hair.
    i havent heard of the big crunch but i will have to check it out since youve mentioned it.
    great list! i have lots of book ideas now :)

  12. Angie - Yes I put Dum on both my lists. It's prolly on there more than any other book :)

    Missie - I read If I Stay a few years ago, hence why it wasn't mentioned on the list :)

    Abbey - Ooooo hope you enjoy Saving June as much as I did. And yes, you must read If I Stay!

    Thankyou everyone for the comments! xxx


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