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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Graffiti Moon US Edition Cover Revealed!

The cover for the US edition of Graffiti Moon has just been revealed!

So, everyone in the US who has been patiently (or not so) waiting for this awesome Aussie book to be released in February 2012, say hello to the stunning cover...!

Personally, I love the US cover. While I do like the Australian cover, it took quite a while to grow on me, whereas I instantly took a liking to the US cover.

Apparently there are a few changed to the content in the US edition so I am totally going to buy it as well to add to my collection :)

How pumped is everyone for this book???!!!
(who me? :P)

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  1. i love it.

    also just realised that somehow i wasn't following your blog anymore... google does some weird things. but i'm back!

  2. I hope you like is as much as i did.
    I have to say i like both the covers, i have the Australian edition and it looks a lot better in person. The US cover is really sweet though.
    - abbey

  3. Kate - blogger has been really screw-y lately :S

    Abbey - I've read the Aussie edition and loved it. Was one of my top 2010 releases :)

  4. LOL I am buying it too! I have both copies of A Little Wanting Song and will need both of Graffiti Moon. Love love the cover :)

  5. I love the US cover so much! I definitely prefer it to the Australian cover which, like you, took a while to grow on me. (And it still seems nowhere near as cool as it should be given how awesome the book is.)

  6. O.o


    i think i will have to get it as well ~ simply b/c is it one of my fave books ever in the whole world :)

  7. I must say I agree with you, I'm a little bit underwhelmed by the aussie cover but the US cover is really lovely.


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