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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heads Up! - Changes Coming!

Hello loyal Tales Compendium followers!

You may have noticed that last month I had a poll on the sidebar asking your opinion on what I could do to make The Tales Compendium better. So along with some of my simmering ideas, I actually listened to what you had to say.

More author interviews and give-aways seemed to be the big things people were interested in and I'm pleased to say that both of these are getting a boost. You may have noticed I've had both Rachel Caine and Steven Herrick featured in the last few weeks and I have more exciting interviews from Amy Plum and Antony John (to name a couple) on the way in the coming weeks. I'm also planning some cool give-aways.

I've been thinking about my ratings system for a while now and have decided that the time has come to change it. For over a year now I've been rating books out of ten but I've decided that it gives me to many different options and I think it needs to be easier to know exactly how I feel about a book. So from now on my ratings will be out of five. All previously reviewed books, for the time being, will stay with their current out of ten ratings but I hope to change them all over to my new system over the next few weeks.

1/5 - I didn't like it
2/5 - It was ok
3/5 - I liked it
4/5 - I really liked it
5/5 - OMG words can not express my love for this!

And, as you may have noticed, as I have, that my reviews have been getting longer and longer and I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I have so much to say on books these days and they might just be getting a bit too long for some of you. So, I've decided to add a little "In A Nutshell" spot before my full review so you can get a quick opinion on the book before I go into why I love it so much. It will essentially just be a little snippet of what the longer review says.

I hope everyone likes the changes and continues to read The Tales Compendium. Thanks for sticking with me!

Jess xxx


  1. the 'in a nutshell' idea is really clever. i write long reviews aswell, and i worry about people just not reading them because of it.

  2. I agree with Anna, the In a Nutshell Idea is really clever.
    Sometimes, when you are scanning through a blog for a quick book fix and everything is really long, you can't be bothered to read it! :)

    I think that in a nutshell is great, and your reviews are really good too,
    thanks for always recommending great books!

    The Book Slooth

  3. All of these changes are brilliant ideas! Particularly "In a Nutshell". Love it.


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