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Friday, April 29, 2011

Feuding Friday (1)

Feuding Friday is a weekly meme created by Brittany over at Brittany's Fantasy where readers choose their favourite of two characters.

This is my first meme I've participated in and while I won't be posting this every week, I love the idea! What better way than to discuss (read: friendly fight) over who is hottest, most kick-ass, dreamy, trusting, annoying, swoon-worthy, or who's powers are better...just think of all the options of most's out there in YA fiction!


This week, in honour of Rachel Caine who is visiting Perth on Monday, who do you think is the resident hottie living in the Glass House from her Morganville Vampire series?

Mysterious musician Michael or smoking-hot slacker Shane?

Funnily enough, I always go for the musician but in this case, my heart goes to knight-in-shining-armour Shane :)

Who do you choose?

For all you Morganville fans in Australia, Rachel Caine will be visiting in May. Head to the Penguin Events page for tour dates.

My review of book one, Glass Houses


  1. hmmm I can't decide - I'm going to have to be Switzerland on this one because they aren't really in competition with each other for one girl's affections so I just have some character loves for them both :-)

  2. Like you, usually always a sucker for musicians, I think if I had to choose I'd go for Shane. But I love both. Can't wait to see the interview today! xoxo

  3. It's such hard choice. I love them both.

    but my heart goes to the blonde musician.


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