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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Sister by Aimee Said

Title: Little Sister
Author: Aimee Said

Release Date: 1st May 2011

My Rating: 4/5

I logged on to Facebook and mentally added the status update I would've posted if I didn't think most of Whitlam High would see it: Al Miller wishes she was an only child.

Al Miller is counting down the days until her over-achieving older sister Larrie finishes Year Twelve and leaves Whitlam High School for ever. Then, Al is certain, people will finally see her as more than just “Larrie’s little sister”. But when a rumour about Larrie spreads around school, Al finds herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Who’s behind the rumour? And will it kill Al’s chances with school hunk, Josh Turner?

My Review:
Little Sister is for anyone who has ever felt out-shined by a sibling, felt under appreciated by family members or felt like the black sheep of the family. Even though I am the older sister and my sister is the over-achieving one, I was still able to relate to many aspects of the book and the sibling rivalry is something that many sisters (and those with brothers) will recognise. There are plenty of teen issues addressed in this book, especially bullying, cyber bullying and homophobia in schools. Friendship, personal identity, self acceptance, understanding and the labels people give others are all highlighted in an effective way.

I felt I could relate to Al and feel sympathy for her because I too thought the way she was treated was horribly unfair. But, when Al learnt of Larrie's secret, Al was horrified and extremely angry. She acted like a selfish, spoilt brat and really over-dramatised her situation. While I understand why she acted in this way, I didn't feel much sympathy towards her again until she had the realisation as to why she was behaving this way. Her reaction and annoyance could be misunderstood by the reader (as was the case with me), but I think that having that reaction, mirrors how Al is confused and it takes a couple of supporting characters to really help Al get to the issue at hand.

Al's behaviour all comes down to the fact that she is sick of being associated with and compared to her over-achieving older sister, scandal or not. It's not the secret that upsets Al, it's that she is never seen as anyone other than "Larrie's little sister". Thankfully Al does learn a lesson from all the events that take place.

"There is little to be gained by trying to compare ourselves with others. We all have our own talents and abilities, and we shouldn't let other people's expectations of us stop expressing who we really are. Our genes may shape us, but it is up to us to define ourselves."

And what say I concerning Josh Turner, Al's love interest? Predictable, but fitting, in true teen fashion.

Fans of Aimee Said's debut, Finding Freia Lockhart, will enjoy Little Sister just as much, if not more.


  1. Really like the look of this - hadn't heard of it before so many thanks for the review!

  2. i just recently finished this one too and am in awe of your review b/c you pretty much summarised what i would say about this book.



    i really can't wait for that book. hope you're loving it :D

  3. YA Yeah Yeah - You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Nomes - Aww thanks Nomes :)

    Haha yes I am reading the new Herrick. You and Nic always say how much you love him and I managed to get an ARC. I finished it this arvo and it was sooo GOOD! Review will be up soon.

  4. What Nomes said ^^. Seriously jealous of you reading Steven Herrick new book :)

    And great review too Jess! Sounds like another good solid Aussie contemp :)

  5. Looking forward to this book,really enjoyed the last one.This author has insight and the ability to reach this particular age group.

  6. Great review - I hope you don't mind me linking from my own one :) As an only child, it's good to know that the sibling rivalry in this one is true to life!


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