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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Non-Book Related News!

I wanted to share something a little different with you today. Yesterday, we picked up the newest member of our family, Rusty!

Rusty is a nine week-old kelpie-cross (half kelpie, quarter labrador and border collie). Is he not just so incredibly adorable?!

He's still learning not to pee on our carpet and he is rather unsure about his lead as he's never had one before but he already sits on command after just one day! He was a little upset last night as he no longer has his nine brothers and sisters to keep him company (all of who have gone to lovely homes) but I'm sure he will be fine, he just needs a little while to get settled with his new family.


  1. Best post ever! And best puppy ever, haha. He is my favourite.

  2. Oh my gosh he's so adorable. And Rusty is such an great name, it really suits him. I hope you have heaps of fun with him, I'm sure he will bring you loads of happiness, I know my dogs do.


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