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Friday, February 25, 2011

I Am Number Four - Movie Review

I Am Number Four

Release date: Worldwide from 18th February 2011

My Rating: 4/5

My Book Review: I Am Number Four

This week, the film of I Am Number Four was released worldwide. I am a major fan of the book and I had very high expectations for the film, some of which were met, and others that were not.

I thought the casting was PERFECT for all the characters. While the acting may not be Oscar material, almost every character was how I had imagined. The casting of Alex Pettyfer as John/ Number Four was already known by the time the book went on sale so I already pictured Pettyfer as him. I thought Callan McAuliffeut was fantastic as Sam although my original thought was he looked a little young but as the film progressed he really fit into the role. Seeing Timothy Olyphant, playing Henri, with long hair threw me a bit at the beginning but all became right when it got chopped off about 10mins in.

As usual, the film did differ from how many scenes were played out in the book. At least three of the more major scenes (that I can remember at the moment) were changed and viewers without prior book knowledge would not have thought anything of it. But for me, my mind kept telling me that it wasn't supposed to be like that and so I found it a little difficult to view it objectively.

That said, one of my favourite scenes in the film wasn't even in the book. At the beginning of the book and movie, Henri and John have to leave Florida after almost being exposed. After they have left, Number Six shows up and burns their old house to the ground. As far as I remember (although I did the read the book back in June 2010 so my memory might be wrong) , this bit never happened in the book. It just looks awesome as Number Six, played by Teresa Palmer, walks away with this massive fireball behind her. Very cool, and she looks totally bad-ass.

Some other things...

**Some of the scenes with John and Sarah were a bit corny and had me wanting to groan, same with some of Number Six's lines.

**I wish there had been some more of Bernie Kosar. Best dog in the world.

**There were more special effects than I thought there would be but it was not to the detriment of the film.

**The Mogadorians. These guys were perhaps my least favourite part of the film. They were not at all like I imagined. Also, for the Dark Angel fans out there, did you notice that the Mogadorian Commander was played by Kevin Durand who played Joshua?!

Final thoughts?

**While I will watch the movie again, it will be more for the purpose of a 'quick fix'. As is usually the case, I pick the book over the film. The movie is definitely aimed at teens and I am unsure as to how many adults would actually describe it as anything more than 'a bit of fun'.

**Yay for the Aussies! Both Teresa Palmer and Callan McAuliffe are from Australia.


  1. Oooh ~ great movie review.

    I don't remember the number 6 blowing up scene either ~ but it sounds awesome.

    I'll be getting this out on dvd. (I hardly ever go to the big screen. I know. It's sad, haha.)

    have an awesome weekend!

  2. I managed to get tickets for only $5(!) the first time so I'm thinking of going and seeing it again so I can watch it without thinking about what is and isn't in it and see it from a different perspective :)

    And Nomes, you should try find the time to go see a movie on the big screen. Treat yourself! (I know movie tickets are such a rip-off these days!)

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