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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beyond Evie by Rebecca Burton

Title: Beyond Evie
Author: Rebecca Burton

Release Date: 1st May 2010

My Rating: 1/5

Charlotte doesn't talk about herself much. Her sister, Amy, is leaving her to start a whole new life, and since her dad's death, Charlotte and her mother don't seem to talk, either. Her friends are great, but they've got their own problems, so how can she tell them about what happened last year? How can she tell them about Evie?

My Review:
Charlotte lives a rather distant life. She loves sport and hanging out with her friends but mostly keeps to herself, especially her thoughts and feelings. But one day, Evie appears. Charlotte has no idea how she feels towards Evie, who is her complete opposite and is always confusing her; she never knows if Evie is being serious, truthful, or just saying something for the shock value. All she knows, is that she feels something.

Beyond Evie explores the relationship between our narrator, Charlotte, and Evie. The story is told from the perspective of Charlotte, addressing the reader as Evie, writing to her after the events of the previous months. We discover Charlotte's instant infatuation with Evie, her confusion as she questions her sexuality and the constant questioning over how Evie possibly feels towards her.

In terms of the characters, none of them are very likeable, with the exception of maybe Amy and Noah (Charlotte's sister and her boyfriend). While I can relate maybe to Charlotte on one or two points, I can't relate to Evie's nature at all, and I just couldn't like her as a character. I don't feel the personalities of the supporting characters are easy to like or relate to either.

This story is told with a huge amount of suspense, hinting to us the whole way through that something negative has happened concerning the girls and why Charlotte feels the need to be writing to Evie. It is all very cryptic and the only reason I pushed on with this read was because I did want to know what had happened. Unfortunately I felt the ending was rather anti-climatic and while the story is ultimately about what Charlotte learns about herself and her outlook on life, it just wasn't enough for me.


  1. nice review. I have been eyeing this book off for a few weeks...

    I did enjoy her debut book - Leaving Jetty Road - which I thought was a cute and relaxing read.

    I didn't know if beyond Evie was my kind of book though (which is why I haven't read it yet). I love suspense kind of books, but get annoyed when the suspense builds disproportionately to the actual revelation. Not sure this is for me. I'll wait and see if my library gets it in.

  2. This is a Awesome book!

    My sister Allayne Webster (author of "Our Little Secret") got this book for me and also got it signed for me and brought it to me in Holland.

    I don't usually read much at all but this book i couldn't put down.

    I can relate to it so much its not funny!

    I have been through similar things with girls and felt very similar feelings.

    I would love to read a book of what Evies reaction was when she read this letter to her. I hope it makes her think about what she did...

    GREAT BOOK Rebecca !!!


  3. i agree with amanda clarke completely i read it all in 3 hours coz i couldnt put it down! AND A SECOND BOOK WOULD BE BRILLIANT!!!
    <3ed it

  4. Jess, you are a naive reader and reviewer. You don't have to 'relate to' or even 'like' a character to appreciate the author's intent and evaluate that character's role in the novel. Rebecca Burton writes wonderfully of a first, painful love affair and betrayal, and Charlotte and Evie are unforgettable.

  5. Anonymous, I'm sorry you didn't like my review but everyone is affected by what they read in different ways. For me, if I can't feel any connection to a character, I find it difficult to sit back and examine someone's writing style or the overall story as I'm just not interested enough. Unfortunately, Beyond Evie wasn't for me and since this is my own personal reviewing blog, it reflects my opinion and my opinion only.

    I'm glad many other people enjoyed the book and it is great to see different opinions, otherwise, what would be the point in reviewing something if everyone saw it the same way? So I would appreciate it if you wouldn't personally attack me when all I did was express my opinion.

  6. A short and bittersweet novel about a girl who falls in love with another girl in her younger days. Very honest and believable as a short chapter of a young person's life. Captures the innocence and obsession of a first love. Recommended for a quick read :)


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