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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Perth Writers Festival Program 2012

It's that time of year again, the Perth Writers Festival, part of the Perth International Arts Festival, is back in town. This year, there are a couple of YA authors, among many others, descending on The University of Western Australia.

The Writers Festival takes place across the last weekend of February, Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th.

Some of the events you may be interested in are:

Publishing Seminar: The Whole Shebang
Guest speakers include industry professionals; editors, publishers, publicists and legal representatives
Thursday 23rd Feb 2012

It's All Speculation
Guest speakers Carole Wilkinson, Lara Morgan and Lauren Beukes
Friday 24th Feb 2012

Blogging the Revolution
Guest speakers Marieke Hardy, John Birmingham and Paul French
Friday 24th Feb 2012
Tickets $22

Writing For Young People
Speaker AJ Betts
Saturday 25th Feb 2012

Tapping Into The Zeitgeist
Guest speakers Chetan Bhagat, David Levithan, James Roy and AJ Betts
Saturday 25th Feb 2012

Creating the Extraordinary from the Ordinary
Speaker Lara Morgan
Sunday 26th Feb 2012

Want to Write Like A Pro?
Guest Speaker James Roy
Sunday 26th Feb 2012

David Levithan, AJ Betts, Lara Morgan

There are many more events for all ages over the weekend. Follow this link to the Writers Festival webpage where you can browse the online program, download a PDF or request a hard-copy.

Tickets can be bought from the PWF website now or from the Octagon Theatre at UWA (24th/25th/26th Feb only). Slightly cheaper prices are available for students.

I've got my tickets, go get yours!

**I will also take this moment to voice my sheer frustration/annoyance that David Levithan is only scheduled to do one talk (a combined talk might I add) the whole time he is in Perth! A writer this awesome should be the highlight of festival! If anyone hears of any other events while he is in Perth, please let me know!


  1. This is highly annoying! I wish they would change this event to July time, cos then I'll be back in Oz! Le sigh, there's always next year! Have a fantastic time and enjoy seeing David Levithan - major envy sess right now!

  2. Looks like a good lineup! Enjoy!


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