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Saturday, August 20, 2011

National Bookshop Day!

Today, August 20th, is the first annual National Bookshop Day!

Held in hundreds of locations throughout Australia, we will be celebrating bookshops, their contributions to the local community and to Australian literature, culture and society.

Throughout Australia, individual shops will be focusing on their uniqueness, inviting local authors and members of the community to participate in readings, conversation about books and other activities.

-taken from the Australian Booksellers Association website

With the days of the humble local book store appearing to be numbered, what with the rise of online shopping and e-books, what better way to spend a Saturday than to go down to your local store and support them by buying a nice shiny new book?!


  1. i spent 4 hours in my local bookshop today :)

  2. I bought a diary and ordered Anna and the French Kiss, did you buy much?

    Also, I wanted to tell you about the Save The Children Fund booksale at UWA starting today (If you don't already know about it). I'm going on Tuesday for half price day - last year it was amazing how many awesome books I got for so cheap!

    This is the best link with the info explained succinctly I could find

  3. I bought an Aussie title today from my local indie bookstore in support :)

  4. I didn't buy anything today but I did spend 8 hours working in my local store :)

    And Dani, I had heard about it but not sure if I am going to have time to go :( Hope you find some terrific books and bargains x

  5. oh shame! I'm so excited about it, but never mind it will be on again next year :-)

  6. I would have went and bought a book. But I didn't know. I am going into the book store to buy a book that I ordered that comes out tomorrow though :)


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