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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Text Prize 2013 Winner

So I realise I am a couple of weeks last posting about this but I've had a lot going on so better late then never I say!

As I posted on 22nd May, the short-list for the Text Prize had been announced and the winner was to be revealed on the 29th. Well it was and the winner was...

Diana Sweeney for The Minnow (formally Flood Damage)!

The Minnow explores a young woman’s struggle to regain control of her life after a devastating flood claims the lives of her parents and sister. The Minnow will be published August 2014.

Text Prize 2013 winner Diana Sweeney with Text Publishing's Michael Heyward.
Image courtesy of Bookseller and Publishing Facebook page

Text also announced they would publish Waer by runner-up Meg Caddy, an intricate fantasy novel set in an imagined land of waerwolves, thieves and magic.

Last year's winner Zac and Mia by AJ Betts will be available as of 24th July.

Diana joins these previous winners of the Text Prize:

2012: Zac and Mia - AJ Betts 
2011: Fire in the Sea - Myke Bartlett
2010: The Bridge - Jane Higgins
2009: This Is Shyness - Leanne Hall
2008: The Billionaire’s Curse - Richard Newsome

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