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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tomorrow When the War Began is here!

Some of you may remember I blogged a couple of months ago about the extremely exciting news that the amazing Australian YA series Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden, was being made in to a movie. Well...it's out!

Last night, accompanied by some very special people (including Linda over at So Much To Tell You), I finally saw my most anticipated movie release of the year. All of us are mega fans of the series and we thought it was AMAZING! We were so happy they didn't screw it up and the move from book to screen was done so well and it stayed true to the book. I was really impressed with the casting which I think says a lot because as you all know, you always have your own image as to how the characters look. Oh and there is also an awesome Australian soundtrack as well.

When it finished, all of us wanted to stay in our seats and watch it again and again. We really hope that all 7 books get made into films, and all in quick succession. I have read that there is talk, if the movie is received well (!!), to make the first three books into movies and then the remaining books into a TV show. I vote all 7 into movies!


If you have not read these amazing books, you should go out right now and buy the first. If you are a fan and are skeptical about seeing the movie, don't be, it's awesome.


  1. Haha, I planned to just comment "OMG OMG OMG" before I even started reading your post. Soo good!

    It's also funny seeing the title of my blog in this post seeing as it's also Marsden related.


  2. I also thoroughly enjoyed the movie! it stayed true in 'mood' to the books with moments making you want to laugh and cry and slap some characters, hug others.... yep. They did a fantastic job.

  3. Never hard of the books, but I'll definitely check them out!

  4. A friend of mine gave me her copy of the first book but I still need to read it. I am actually thinking I should start it now because the trailer has really got me in the mood. I am trying to find out when the film will be released in the UK but so far I haven't been able to find out.

  5. Yay, I'm glad to read a positive review, I'm very excited to see it (next week yay!) and am glad to hear it stayed true to the story.

  6. I've just started reading the series. Am up to The Dead of Night. I watched the movie on Thursday and OMG it was brilliant.
    If people didn't know that the book made movie was a series they may be a bit let down by the ending finishing the way it did .. but I am so hoping that they make the next book into a movie. I haven't found anywhere on the net so far saying they are in production. Has anyone else?

  7. oh - it was so brilliant, hey! i had been nrbous, but i absolutely loved it and have seen it twice now - once with my husband and a second time with my sister :)

    also re-reading the books at the moment. sigh. loving them. (it's my fourth time re-reading the series.)

  8. Nomes, I desperate want to see it again but I haven't seen it advertised over in the US yet. I saw it 2 days before I left Aust and if I hadn't been so frantic with packing I would have gone again! I also really want to re read them but alas, it will have to wait a few months until I get home :(


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