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Friday, September 17, 2010

Grace by Morris Gleitzman

Title: Grace
Author: Morris Gleitzman

Release Date: 1st August 2009

My Rating: 4/5

Eleven-year-old Grace only knows one world - the world of her mum and dad and twin brothers, and the strict religious community they belong to. But when her dad is thrown out of the church for asking questions, Grace is torn. How can she stay in the church and keep her family together?

My Review:
Eleven-year-old Grace has been brought up in a very strict religious community where questions and individual thinking are not allowed. This has become a problem for Grace as she is starting to grow up and be curious about life. She is also stubborn and independent and this is absolutely frowned upon by the Elders in her community.

This book is not anti-religion but deals with themes such as tolerance, family, authority, closed-mindedness and freedom. It will provoke discussion about prejudice and how we treat those who are different to us.

I believe children will be able to relate to Grace, not from her up bringing but from the frustration of having grown ups ignore them or not listen to their view or opinions. I would not recommend this for those under eleven unless they have quite a broad view of the world, otherwise, be prepared for a lot of 'why' questions.

I grew up reading Gleitzman, from Blabbermouth and Two Weeks With the Queen to Worry Warts. He has such a brilliant writing style and has the amazing ability of being able to write about tough subjects and current affairs in a way that reaches out to children (for example, Toad Rage, Boy Overboard and Once). Grace was released this time last year, and while the topic was not something I would have usually chosen to read, I picked it up anyway because Gleitzman had written it. Because of the subject matter, this book will not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a damn good book!


  1. I agree. It's an excellent book, and I highly recommend it.

  2. I absolutely agree I, myself am christian and it did relate to me how the church members can be like that sometimes I recommend this book for people who loves books with great lessons in them


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