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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Infinity By Sarah Dessen

Title: Infinity
Author: Sarah Dessen

Release Date: 7th June 2010

My Rating: 3/5

'Lately, I don't dream about Anthony. I dream about the roundabout...'

Sometimes it's hard to make choices and decisions, and to know which way to go.

My Review:
Puffin, the children's branch of Penguin Books, turns 70 this year. In celebration of this, amongst other things, they are releasing 10 short stories by well-known children's authors. These are known as Pocket Money Puffins and consist of a short story by an author, plus one or two extracts from previously released titles by that author. They are a great size and price. As the name suggests they are both pocket-sized and only $7.95 (Australian $$)

In this case, Sarah Dessen has written a short story (only 33 pages) about the choices in life, something that, as young adults grow up, they are constantly having to do. While this story focuses on a 16-year-old girl who tries to conquer her fears on the road, as well as put up with a pushy boyfriend, the end message is something that applies to all; when making a choice or decision, as long as it is your own, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to do so. Make your own choices in life. They may not always be the right ones, but they will be yours.

I love Sarah Dessen. One of her novels, Just Listen, is one of my all time favourite books. While Infinity wasn't long enough to satisfy me, it makes a great taste-tester for those new to her writing. The two extracts included are from Just Listen and That Summer.

For more titles in the Pocket Money Puffins series click here.

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