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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spirit Bound Teaser

Spirit Bound Teaser!

With the much anticipated release of Richelle Mead's 5th Vampire Academy book Spirit Bound almost upon us, Penguin Books Australia are releasing 7 teaser quotes, one every 3 days, up until the the release date of May 18th!

To view the first clip click

'Out of all the people who would attempt to rescue me, I would never have expected you two...'

To view the second clip click here.

'This is it, a small voice inside her whispered. This is where I die.'

To view the third clip click here.

'Eternity will be lonely without you.'

To view the fourth clip click here.

'She wasn't alone. I was with her all night.'

To view the fifth clip click here.

'Because I need you to be bait for Rose.'

To view the sixth clip click here.

'There's nothing more between you and me.'

To view the seventh clip click here.

'Don't touch her.
Stay back, they aren't laying a hand on you'

Anyone want to have a guess as to what these quotes are referring to or who might be saying them?

Bonus clip released Monday 17th May! Watch this space...

Only three days to go!


  1. I'm guessing that either Tatiana or Victor speak this line...

  2. Oh I think the second one is referring to Lissa...

  3. really desperately hoping #6 is not between dimitri and rose. CAN'T HANDLE THAT.


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